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Project Manager Tools Training – ACT FAST!

I came across a great resource today that means huge savings on great training for Project Managers who want to increase their knowledge of the Agile Methodology and an Atlassian tool, JIRA.  You should act quickly though!  The sale price doesn’t last long!  This Project Manager tools training is a great way to boost your knowledge and resume.

I was reading an article on Android Central about how this training could boost your Project Manager salary to six-figures.  I already wrote an article on how to price Project Manager’s wages, so I didn’t read the article because of that promise.  I scrutinized it because of the content, and it looks pretty good!

This project manager tools training also preps you for Scrum certification, and that goes a long way towards some organizations requirements when it comes to managing software development projects.  While your organization, or the even the one you are targeting, may not use Atlassian JIRA, the fundamentals you can learn for the super low sale price are integral to basic Agile Methodology management terms.

Technology Project Excellence is not receiving any value, other than identifying a good sale for you, from Android Central, SkillSuccess or Atlassian.  I know a good thing when I see it.

This is an 11-course program in 30 total hours.  That means, if you are between jobs at the moment it is something you could finish in a week.  In the end, if you take your Scrum certification exam, I’d say the value easily repays itself within a few weeks.  The bundle is $29.00.  The regular price says $2,189.00.

This is a 98% savings so act fast.  Don’t hesitate if you are looking at managing any software development.  Even as a project analyst or team member, this will come in handy as a sound knowledge base and be a great resume builder.

Inside the 11-course program, you will understand how to set a project up, learn advanced Scrum and Kanban functions, productivity and efficiency with respect to the Lean Project principles, backlog grooming, task buffering, critical practices, workflows, and developed principles like managing several projects, communication of Agile projects to stakeholders, and prove Agile methods.  It really is valuable project manager tools training that will come in handy.

If you go to Skillsuccess.com, you will find the courses priced separately.  For example, Course 10 is Kanban principles, and on the Skillsuccess.com site, you would pay $199.00 for it.  If you sign up at Skillsuccess.com, you could also get a $5.00 coupon for one course.  However, Android Central is bundling eleven courses, so you get a lot of savings.  There are eight sections in the Kanban course alone.

Looking into how many companies use JIRA, it seems that over 12,000 do and are mostly in the United States.  While it may be a great tool, it is the method, theory behind Agile, and some Kanban and lean principles that I think can boost knowledge of any future or current Project Manager or Product Manager in the software development field.

Act fast for the reduced price:



Or, check out SkillSuccess and get in on their $5 and $19 per course coupons:


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